Christian Teen Fantasy Released
The Christian teen fantasy entitled Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart was just released.  I think you or your teen will enjoy the fast-paced plot and occasional humor.  Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is avaiable from and from the Lighthouse Christian Publishing website fantasy page 2.
Hafren Book Cover

Christian Espionage Novel
The Christian espionage novel entitled Heart of Terro was just released and is available from the Barnes and Noble website, amazon. com and the Tate Publishing Bookstore.  The novel is also available as an ebook in Kindle and Nook formats.  One reviewer called the book "a well-written, engaging novel".  The back cover reads: "Two ill-equipped individuals are thrown into separate terrorist worlds and forced to fight and endure.  At times, their responses even turn humorous.  Their paths, linked together from the start, eventually merge for a potentially devastating climax."  You can also go to the following website to reach the book:

Overcoming Discouragement
     Having faced discouragement myself this article is not some pie-in-the-sky theory, but it is information that has helped others overcome discouragement.
     All of us speak words to ourselves that either encourage us with impetus to move upward and onward, or to denigrate ourselves and tear us down.  When you look in the mirror in the morning, what do you say to yourself?  Is it in essence "I am cursed" or is it "I am blessed"?  Recognizing and identifying what many have called the self-talk in your life is an initial step to turning around discouragement.
     Almost no one can make the necessary changes relying on your own strength.  You must first connect to God through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and welcome the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  It is only by welcoming the Holy Spirit and the strength he brings that empowerment comes to help fight off those negative attitudes and temptations.

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Current Issues

Character Concert Book
In the world of today's youth where the lines of right and wrong are so easily blurred choices can be tough to make.  Character Concert presents cutting-edge issues in an easy-to-read format with humorous pictures to draw in youth.  From Dancing Brain Danny to Kid Adrenaline Rush, the characters depicted reveal different aspects of the Christian life.  Listen to what one youth chaplain says of the book: "...I was very impressed with it.  I believe that the way in which you have chosen to present the concepts will be very appealing to young people."

Blast away the darkness of the youth in your realm of influence with a copy of Character Concert.  You can click on the following link to order the book:   The book is also available from and to bookstores from Ingram Books.

What Are The Keys To Destiny?
As the Israelites marched into the Promised Land, God had a specified order for each tribe as they moved forward. This order reveals keys that each of us needs to incorporate into our life to reach our destiny.
Levi, which means connect, was the foundation stone of God's plan. This tribe was placed at the center protected by all the other tribes as Israel advanced. Similarly, our connections to God through faith in Jesus' death for our sins and his resurrection power need to be centrally located and protected.
Most Christians know that Judah means praise and was out front but few know that Naphtali, which means warfare, was placed last. With this order God identifies warfare at the rearguard as critical in reaching destiny. The need for prayer covering while new territory is being taken cannot be emphasized enough.


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